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every last Sunday in the months between April and October. Our journeys start in the middle of the Sihl valley, in the Sihlwald station. You can get there using the fast train system S4 out of Zurich Hauptbahnhof:

11:10 first departure to Zurich Wiedikon
14:30 second departure to Zurich Wiedikon

You want to board in the town of Zurich ?
11:45 from Zurich Wiedikon SBB station

Between the two rounds the engine is replenishing coal and water in the station of Sihlwald between 13:15 to 14:30 hrs. We offer Swiss barbecue, beverages, coffee, tea and something sweet. The visitor center of the Wildnispark is just 5 minutes away.

Electrical coaches
FCe 2/4 #84 1924
BDe 4/4 #92 1968

Starting at 14:30 the train brings you back into town at 15:05.

Timetable public rides

C22 1992
C68 1927 and C69 1929
WR 251 1983/1999
Fz 51 1989/2001
D 403 1891/2001

Tm 10 Robert Aebi 1949
Tm 2/2 #7 Mutz 1961